Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Boots Haul

wehayyyy im not dead!
i know i haven't posted on my blog in for like ever but ive been busy exams, prom and shizzle like that, but today i took sometime out of my busy life to go shopping (you can always make time for a bit of retail therapy).

the first shop i hit was boots and tbh i spent all the left over money on make up like you do, what cached my eye first was the new limited edition mami pop from 17.

I got the miami pop bronzer 


the miami pop lipgloss 

and the miami pop nail varnish which is called down town, which is a bold orange colour.
the collection is limited edition so will not be in boots for long so grap it while you can.

while i was in boots their was another offer on 17, when you but 2 17 products you get a free 17 Nail Bar in a bag set.

this set includes 2 17 nail vanishes called Pink grape fruit, which is a pinky colour, and Kockout red, which is a bold red colour, a leopard print nail file and nail art stickers which are pink hearts and pink leopard print hearts.
(from left to right, down town, pink grape fruit and knockout red.) 

to say this bag of treats came free is such a amazing offer and not to be missed!

Ab xoxo
(sorry for the shitty iphone quality camera)