Monday, 14 March 2011

My Loves...

Round one.

02.Zebra Nails

03.Red Hair

04.My Blackberry


06.Red Heels and Denim Jackets

07.Long Drives


09.Jessie J

10.Skins (Season 1,2,3 and 4)

Love,Peace and Beauty.XOXO


so i've finally decided to actually post my first blog. Whayyy!
Im a 15 year old British girl who has a passion for fashion, make-up and music. My idols are Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and the amazing lady gaga.
'Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker's reflection.'

-Lady GaGa.
My bolg will be dedicated to beauty, fashion and my everyday life. 
Love, peace and beauty. xoxoxo